The best golf resorts of Portugal

Portugal offers some of the most unique opportunities to play golf in the world. Some of the best golfers on the planet got their start playing golf throughout Portugal. There are dozens of golf courses throughout the country to choose from. Few are historical areas that have been in existences for decades, while others feature a modern design while being open to the general public and international travelers.

What Areas in Portugal Offer Great Golf Courses?

If you are not familiar with Portugal, but you want to experience some of the best golf courses the country has to offer, you may consider visiting the areas of Lisbon, Faro, Funchal and Setubal. Lisbon is likely the most popular area in the country as it offers dozens of options for expert and beginner golfers.

In Lisbon, course options include the Golden Eagle, Belas, Lisbon Sports Club, and Oitavos Dunes to name a few. These courses offer challenging holes, beautiful sites and plenty of opportunities to relax and have fun. Estoril is another option in Lisbon that is for exclusive guests.

Why These Places Are Considered the Best in Portugal?

They offer golfers a unique playing experience. Many of the courses were designed by top golfers or architects that took consideration in making the golfing experience one of a kind. Some of the courses, like Oitavos Dunes, feature a comforting mix of woodland areas and beautifully designed landscapes with link-type holes providing a tranquil environment for putting.

Plus, various options available are great for family holidays, vacations and getaways. There are not too many places in the world where you can play golf next to the ocean and open waters. The weather is comfortable during the year and people around the world not only enjoy good golfing, but delicious food and ethnic atmosphere.

Selecting the Right Golf Course for Your Golf Experience

If you are a beginner, you should review golf course options that provide playing experience for new and beginner golfers. Few options available offer golf lessons and have designated play areas where you can practice your swing, while getting comfortable with golf equipment. For experts, there are multiple options available in which you can study golf course maps to get an idea of where each hole is on the course to determine the best playing strategy. If you enjoy nature you may want to seek golf courses that are more inland away from the coastline.