A Helpful Tutorial to Balance in Golf

Balance might be the most important single part of the golf swing. If you are going to improve your game over time and reach the goals that you have set for yourself on the course, good balance will be a big part of getting there. It might seem like an easy thing to just keep yourself on balance while swinging, but it isn’t as simple as it seems.

Use the following tips to work on having better balance during your golf swing.

Start Slowly

Swings that move away from the ball quickly into the backswing often end up swaying back and getting off balance. If you can get yourself to start the backswing slower and gradually pick up speed as you move along in the swing, you are going to have a better chance to stay on balance. To help you take it back slower, try moving the club with your big muscles (shoulders, torso) and not as much with your hands and arms. Once the swing is moving, your smaller muscles will naturally start to get involved as the swing works up to the top of the backswing.

Don’t Over-swing

It is easy to swing too hard on the golf course, and your balance will usually suffer as a result. Stay within yourself and only swing as hard as you can while maintaining balance. If you notice that you are having trouble keeping your balance – especially in the follow-through – try taking a slightly smaller swing and see if that fixes the issue. Once you find the right balance of speed in your swing and the ability to balance, you should be in better shape to strike the ball cleanly.

Stay Grounded

Keeping your feet on the ground throughout the swing might seem like an obvious thing, but many golfers get up onto their toes during the downswing and lose balance along the way. You don’t have to keep your feet locked onto the ground, but try to stay connected to the turf as much as possible to help you stay on balance. This goes especially for the front foot in your swing, which should remain pretty much stationary as your rotate around your lead leg an up into the follow through. Staying under control in your swing, and not swinging too hard (as mentioned above), will also help toward this end.