5 Keys To Performing An Accurate Tee Shot In Golf

A great tee shot in golf can be an excellent sight to see on the green. For the most part it takes plenty of practice and patience in perfecting your shot. You need to have good focus when on the green and have a good idea of what happens when your club comes in contact with the ball. Even though many golfers struggle with this shot there are several simple elements to remember that can help you achieve the results you want. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when working to achieve an accurate tee shot in golf.

  1. Be selective of your club choice depending on the hole and par. A 3 or 5 wood may be easier than a wedge. If you are used to playing with a particular type of club it may be time to switch. You can practice with different irons to understand different results.
  2. Try not to get tense when taking your shot but make it under one swing. It helps to keep your shot in perspective and be realistic about what you can do. If you are tense during the shot you may end up losing focus on where to direct the ball. Try your best to make your first shot the best one to help you stay within par.
  3. When you address the ball waggle your club to reduce tension. This requires changing up your grip. If you are tense before taking your shot it may help to change your grip. Consider the amount of pressure you are using to hold your club.
  4. Ensure you have good rotation when you make contact with the ball during your shot. Your shoulder should come under your chin with 80 percent of your power in the swing. As you do this you should have good balance in your legs with knees slightly bent as you swing through. Your eyes should be on the ball as you come in to make contact when you swing.
  5. Take time to practice your shot on the green in between rounds. The only way to get results is to practice. When you have time in between rounds you can practice your positioning, setup and approach. The more practice you get the better you feel when you attempt to make the real shot.