What is a Golf Pro and How to Become One?

If you have a passion for the game of golf, and are a pretty good player as well, you might be interested in a career as a golf pro. There is a difference between a pro golfer, and a golf pro – a pro golfer plays in tournaments for money as their primary job, while a golf pro usually works at a golf course and makes money giving lessons, working in the pro shop selling merchandise, etc. Almost all golf courses have at least one golf pro on staff, and some have several. Golf pros often work long hours, especially in the summer months when the course is busy and has many tournaments and events to run.

Golf Pros Play Tournaments as Well

While they have many other duties beyond playing golf tournaments, most golf pros do compete on a local level in some professional events. These ‘club pro’ tournaments usually have small prize money attached to them, but the golf pros are able to get out and compete with others from the area. Often, aspiring professional golfers will take jobs as golf pros while they are working on their games and trying to raise money to try playing on tour.

How to Get Started

If you wish to work as a golf pro, the best way to start is to simply get a job at a golf course. The job doesn’t need to be in the role of professional, either – you could start out just working the counter in the golf shop, or even caring for the driving range. Once you have a job working for a golf pro at a golf course, you can learn more about getting into the business and the process that you need to go through. This process will vary depending on where you live, but it usually involves passing a rules test, as well as a playing test.

Most golf pros would tell you that it is not a profession to get into if you are worried about making a lot of money. Golf pros are modestly compensated at most courses, although there are some at higher-end private clubs who make a nice salary. Also, working long hours is usually part of the deal for a club pro. However, if you love the game and wish to make it a career, taking the path of golf pro is a good way to stay close to the game.