Effective putting drills for golf newbies

Putting is not as easy as it seems, and of course many golfers wish it was. There is so much that goes into hitting the perfect put on the green it causes headaches even for seasoned players. You would think it is easy enough to stand still behind the ball, look down and tap it across the green. This is where putting drills and exercises come in. In order to make the perfect shot you need to perfect your moves on the course. Such drills can help you understand what you need do and how to do it right so you get better results.

Swing Back and Forth via Metronome Drills

A smooth tempo is important for making solid contact with the ball. Think about a pendulum and the rhythm it makes when it goes back and forth. This is the same type of movement you need on the course when putting. Practice with metronome to mimic movements. Even if you do not have a metronome you get the idea of its solid and consistent movements. You can have a few golf balls to practice with. You can also practice with just your club so your body gets used to the movement and position.

Practice with One Hand

The one-hander drill is a common drill among top professional golfers. This is a good drill if you have a dominate hand you use to lead on the course. This helps you understand flow and feel of your golf club on the course. Use your putter with one hand and make your strokes. Use different strengths and get your wrist involved. This is good to use on both hands and when you want to practice your moves with different golf clubs. You get a sense of understanding in how your arm and upper body works to make contact with the ball.

Reading the Speed of the Green

A speed reader drill can help you understand the impact of the green on the course. Each course is different in texture so this varies how you play each time you visit. You may need to increase your distance from the hole on the course when you practice. In other words, you should exaggerate your strokes during practice. Get clear understanding of the condition of the greens you are playing. You should have ideas on how the weather can impact their condition and how they impact ball movement.