5 Golf Drills To Help You Practice In Winter Months

The winter months can be a good time for golfers to tighten up their skills. Just because you can’t hit the green doesn’t mean your skills should suffer. You can take time to learn new techniques and read up on tips and tricks to use when you hit the course in the spring. In the meantime, there are several drills you can do away from the course to help you make improvements or keep your skills sharp until you meet the green again. Here are 5 drills to help you practice in the winter.

  1. Turn your golf club upside down and swing until it makes a whooshing sound. You get a feel for where club head speed comes from. The sound of whoosh varies depending on how fast or hard you swing. You can practice short and long strokes while varying swing tempo to get an idea of how your club head obtains speed from your swing action.
  2. Use the golf club across your back shoulder area for rotation practice. Hold club across your back on shoulders with each hand on one end of the club. Rotate from side to side with legs straight and slightly spread. Your hips should rotate fully while remaining in place to obtain lateral movement. This is the same type of motion you experience while swinging your club during a shot.
  3. Practice putting on the carpet but hit the ball to an object anywhere in the room. This is good for practicing pitch and chip shots. You can use a bucket, cup or the stairs. Practice hitting the ball to certain points without the ball making contact with it.
  4. Work on your grip. Use any iron you want and use it to check grip technique. You can have an iron in the house in different areas and periodically check your grip at different times of the day. Use different pressure grips.
  5. Use a mirror to improve your setup positions. You can find different pictures and videos that discuss setup position for certain shots. When you have free time you can quiz yourself on how to setup for certain shots by getting in front of the mirror. You can see how you look when you setup for a shot just as you would on the course.