4 Simple Golf Drills That Can Help You Get Rid Of Push Shots

When you are playing golf, nothing is really more annoying that hitting the push shots. A push shot is when you are hitting the ball straight to the right side with little or no curvature. However, this would be a rather quick and easy fix if you know what you are doing. A push shot isn’t really that bad in terms of the techniques. You are just a little off with your swing, so here are a few drills that will get rid of this annoying issue.

  1. Swing to the left
  2. To counter the push shot, you should always try to swing the club to the left side instead. The only thing that is causing a push shot is because you are swinging the ball towards the right side. Try to hit a fade by swinging left and holding the clubface slightly open through impact. This should help you quickly and get rid of pushing the ball.

  3. Square up the clubface
  4. Squaring up the clubface at impact certainly helps with keeping the ball on the target line. However, it may not be the easiest task all the time. You should just simply develop a feeling of how to keep the clubface square and then just go with it. You really need to visit the range a little more often if you wish to achieve that. However, a simply tip would be to attempt to rotate the clubface a little towards the left.

  5. Go for three quarter swings
  6. Shortening your swing helps because it reduces your clubhead speed and it makes it a bit easier for you to control the club. This is what most professionals do when they are fixing their swings, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same. However, you should implement this when you are at the range so that you can get use to it first.

  7. Start your downswing with your hips
  8. Many players confuse this and just start the downswing by dropping their arms. This leads to an in-to-out swing path and causes the push. Instead if you start the downswing with your hips, you will be on a better swing path and it will help you deliver the clubhead at a better angle to the ball. Again, you need to practise this extensively before you see the effects.