The Easiest Way to Achieve Good Driving Consistency

Golf is a long game with an average of 18 holes. The number of holes can even go up to 27. Driving shot in Golf plays an important role as your whole game and score will depend on this. The more accurate and precise it is, the more are the chances of a good score. This shot requires its own techniques that should be followed while playing it. Here are a few tips that can help you while playing such shots.

Shoulder Movement

Shoulder movement is a very important aspect of not only Driving shot but all the shots that you play in Golf. For a driving shot, if you are a right handed player, your left shoulder should revolve beyond the ball position in a clock-wise direction. This will help you in gaining more speed and a uniform swing hence giving you more accuracy and control over the ball.

Back towards the target

Your back should face the ball before you take the swing. This will give you more time for revolving and the resulting shot will be powerful. You should hit the ball as soon as your right shoulder gets parallel to the line of the ball.

Body Swing

Do not stop the swing of your body. It should not freeze during the process of swinging because it will result in a sloppy finish. Your body should swing towards the ball without any breaks and in a rhythmic motion. Your body swing should stop once your right shoulder is in front of the golf ball position. This will add accuracy and acceleration to your shot.

Controlling your Arm Speed

You should control your arm speed too while playing the driving shot. Your arm speed should uniformly increase at the beginning of the swing and should decrease in the same way at the end.

Follow Through

Mostly players stop as soon as the club head strikes the ball which is not a good thing. You should keep the club in motion even after the impact. This will increase the acceleration of the golf ball and will help it cover a considerable distance. Follow through will give more rhythm to the club in your hand and the resulting shot will be a fully controlled shot.

Clubhead Path

Your clubhead should follow your arms. It should not go ahead of your arms. If it goes ahead of your arms, the clubhead will hit the ground before touching the ball and this will cause a sloppy and slow finish.