Putting In The Wind: Advice From Professional Golfers

So you are out playing golf and then all of a sudden the wind comes from nowhere and interrupts your play. This does not necessarily mean that you now have to stop playing or take a break. You need to keep on. The wind is just but one of those inconveniences that you are supposed to manage as a player.

Professionals have been playing against the wind over the years and you too can do the same. What matters most is that you get to read the nature and direction of the wind, and then you can determine how to play against it and even use it in your favor.

The following are some important tips that will help you get some good game off the green even when the wind is beckoning:

Knockdown shots

You will need to use this shot only if you require a low and penetrating flight on the ball. At the same time, you have to think about the distance that you want to send the ball, and then use at least two more clubs than you normally do for this particular type of shot.

When playing, ensure that you have the ball back in your stance. While you are addressing the ball, make sure you have your hands ahead of the ball and the same at impact.

Dealing with tail winds

Tail winds are so common on the course. This is one of the types of wind that you can harness to your advantage. To do this, tee your ball slightly higher than you normally do. While addressing the ball in your stance, try and make sure that you move it slightly forward.

Managing the cross winds

For the cross winds, management is the most important thing. In this case you need to make a choice between playing against the wind and curving the ball into the wind. You have to make a choice based on what you are comfortable with.

If you choose to play the ball against the wind, you must realize that it is going to land with less roll on it, and gain a softer landing. However, if you are using the wind, the ball will roll further than it normally does. Take these into consideration as you plan for your game on the green and you will never have to worry about the wind.