Golf tips: bashing drives down the fairway

Using a driver to help you make a great shot down the fairway includes understanding a few important areas. You need to understand how to set yourself up for the shot. Some golfers may need to understand which club is best for them to use such as a driver or a fairway wood. Each club may have you use a different approach. Proper techniques in how you follow through with your backswing can help you obtain good balance when your swing is complete. This can hint at how well you used your physical strength to drive the ball down the course.

Addressing the Ball for Improved Impact

The way you address the ball is important for a number of reasons. This helps you understand the position your body is in, while thinking about how your body will be after your shot is made. When the ball is positioned correctly as you hold your club it will be aligned with your left side. Your body will be somewhat stretched slightly on the left side. This helps your shoulders be right of the target as you follow through your swing. When you address the ball well it should hit the center of your driver face.

Keep Your Backswing and Downswing in Check

The top of your backswing is critical. This helps set you up for the power you need to follow your shot through. Note how your body is positioned. This sets up a good takeaway. This should not be too far away from your stance or the shot may have negative results. You are trying to generate speed for your club head. As you swing downward you will go into your backswing. The path your club follows should be flat. Your front foot should turn as you follow through with your swing. If your body is not in a good position you will feel the difference. It will feel as if your club will come quickly and crash.

Know the Position You Need to Be In after Completing Your Entire Swing Motion

You will basically wind up as you swing and follow through. Your end position is just as important as how you start when you address the ball. Your arms will help you get the speed you need as you swing through naturally with your upper body. Your upper body may coil around as you make your shot but you should be balanced until your backswing is completed.