Golf Iron Play Fundamentals: The Ball Position

When it comes to golf, it is widely known that huge drives are among the most preferred plays. Hitting through the ball with as much drive as possible is always exhilarating and so is the subsequent watching of the ball soar in the air. However, it is useless to play great drives if your approach game is going to be poor. Iron play needs to be excellent, and the temptation to always hit the ball as strongly as you wish should be kept under control.

Golf irons come in different sizes for different play. Make sure that you have picked out the best iron for the play you are about to execute. The type and size of iron will affect the amount of force transferred to the golf ball as well as its accuracy.

Like all golf plays, your set up is going to be essential. You need to ensure that your stance will help you transfer most of the force from your down swing to the golf ball in the right direction. You do not want to have skewed shots or make any mistakes that will lower the value of the previously executed drive.

The Ball