Golf Swing Drills: Working on Your Weight Distribution

Balance is one of the major keys to the golf swing, yet it is something that many players don’t properly understand or value the importance of. As you work on improving your game, it would be an excellent idea to spend some time learning about weight distribution in the swing and how it affects the shots that you hit. With just a little bit of practice time spent on your balance, you can radically change how you hit the golf ball. You might be surprised to find out just how much better your ball striking can be when your weight distribution is in order.

The drills below are meant to teach you the proper weight distribution in the swing so you can take it with you out onto the course –

Good weight distribution involves being balanced during the first half of the swing, and then moving your weight toward the target in the downswing. If you can do both of these things correctly, your ball flight should quickly improve.