How To Read Golf Pin Sheets

Golf pin sheets tell the golfer where a hole is located on the green. It gives specific information about where each hole is placed on the course. Some golf courses may not use such sheets, but there are golfers that find them very useful once they understand how to use them to their advantage. There are different types of sheets to use with some being informational while others feature a basic layout. There are other names for them such as hole charts or pin charts. The sheets are usually free and they can be photocopied for continuous use.

Using a Pin Sheet and Where to Get Them

The starter stand or the pro shop at the golf course is good areas to start in getting a pin sheet. You can ask an associate at the golf course about getting one if they offer them. The sheet helps you understand placement of each hole and its dimensions. The main idea is to get information about the hole from a golfer standpoint. Such information can help you understand how to approach each hole as you move throughout the course.

The pin sheet helps give an idea of how many paces the pin is located from the right or left at each hole. When a player is at a hole they have a better idea on how to determine distance of the ball from the hole. This helps golfers make better shots by getting closer to the target. Some players get used to using pin sheets quickly while others may get confused at what they are actually looking at.

Other Tips to Help You Read Pin Sheets

Because each golf course that offers these sheets may vary in design, it helps to review different sheets to help you learn basic information presented. Once you understand this part, it becomes easier to read them; it is just a matter of understanding how the information is placed on the sheet verse how the hole is located on the course. A pin placement number is posted at the golf course and find that number on the sheet. This is where you place your pin for the day you are playing. For example, if the golf course has 18 holes and the pin number for the day is 2, you would place a pin on the 2 for each hole.