How to Escape an Uneven Fairway Bunker Lie in Golf

There are times when you play golf you may have to play on a surface that is not even. Most times when playing you expect the greens to be plush with an even plane. But, some golfers like playing on the greens with bumps, hills and steep spots. It presents unique challenges in how to get the ball where you want it to go. You have to figure out how to get the ball to travel at the right distance and speed. If you hit too hard the uneven ground may give your ball more speed, especially if travels on downward slopes. Here are some tips to help you deal with uneven fairway bunker lie in golf.

Try Setting Your Shoulders Even with the Slope

This is likely one of the most important tips you will need to remember. You should do this no matter the direction of the slope. This helps you get your body in proper position and sets up a more effective swing. Whether you are playing a slope that is more upward or downward, you just need to remember to tilt your shoulders in that direction. Your lead arm (for most would be your left) would have that shoulder higher than the other.

But, again, it depends on the direction and shift of the slope. Your leading arm would have that shoulder up slightly higher than the other. You create a plane for your iron to travel when you swing to make contact with your ball. For many people, this tip alone can help you get the ball out of the lie on the first swing every time.

Hit Slice for Downhill Lie

Your left shoulder should be lower to help you get the iron higher in the air when you swing. Think about the angle your iron needs to be when you come in to make your shot. This helps your swing motion be smoother no matter the angle of your shot or the angle of the slope. It may make better sense to watch a video or view some pictures of the shot. This also helps you retain balance if you are hitting the ball out of sand. You may need to widen your stance just a bit and follow through from your upswing to your downswing as you hit the ball.