Advanced Golf Instructions On Dealing With Hard Pan Lies

Some courses have the odd area that is hard and bouncy. Other courses are almost all hard because of the previous area that existed before the course was built. Either way, it pays to learn how to escape a hardpan lie. There is always the risk of the clubface bouncing off the terrain during this shot and of course there is a risk of damaging your club if the lie is rock hard. But by following these easy tips, your ball will shoot off the hardpan lie without too much effort.

Stand slightly behind the ball

If you are a right hand player, stand to the ball so that it is closer to your left foot. To perform this shot accurately you will need to have a clear view of the ball from behind because your club is going to sweep under it. As long as you can see the space behind and under the ball, you’re standing enough behind the ball—so don’t go too far back.

Don’t hit hard – but hit fast

The ball is on a naturally bouncy area already so there’s no need to hit too hard during your swing. Pull your club back just as far as you need it to go and never overcompensate to get more distance. When it comes to the downswing, bring your club down quick—but not without compromising on your accuracy. The point is to sweep under the ball as quickly as possible so that the ball bounces before the club impact on the ground has a chance to affect the shot in any way.

Swing round, not steep

Now we come to the technique of the swing. In short, these three pointers are what you want to achieve, so prepare them in your mind before swinging.