How to Hit a Perfect Shot from a Fairway Bunker

A fairway bunker can almost be played in the same manner you would if the ball was on the green. In this case, you may have sand in the way and depending on how you take your shot you could end up hitting the sand before the ball. Since sand under your feet is loose the margin of error can increase. You may be tempted to try and hit the ball only, but you should remember to try to hit the ball in a way it will not lift up out of the bunker. Here are a few points to help you keep the play into perspective.

Evaluate the Area to Understand How the Ball May Travel

When you look at where the ball is sitting you should consider trying to move it, but by wedging or laying up first. This can help reduce pressure of getting the ball to go in the direction you want it. Just look at how to make the shot more comfortable based on your ability. Try to have a specific amount of distance in mind and hit for that distance instead. You should avoid trying to hit the ball as far as you can as it may make things more difficult for you. Consider the ball proximity to the lip or height of the bunker before taking your shot. Be considerate of the club you want to use.

Move Closer to the Ball

Most golfers may use a mid-iron when taking this shot. If you are back of center of the ball you may want to use a short iron. You can swivel a little in the sand to help you gain leverage and balance. To avoid too much sand when you swing, grip down. When you are closer to the ball you make the angle of your swing steeper. You are more likely to come in contact first with the ball. When you make your swing your eyes should be at the front of the ball.

It Is Okay to Take A Little Sand with You

Some suggest it may help to actually hit down on the ball like an iron shot. Others may try to pick the ball by trying to hit it without disturbing the sand. You may need more skill for this trick though. Your knee flex and sternum should maintain their height as you swing. If you are able to stay lateral you are likely to make a cleaner contact with the ball.