Basic Golf Tips On How To Use Your Approach Wedge

There are a lot of things that you will learn about golf n the green that perhaps you might never get to learn from anywhere else. There are those beginner players who try to read some tips on how to play golf and assume that this is all it takes. You might perfect your theory on golf, but when you get on the green what matters most is your ability to turn the theory into practice. This is what really counts for players out there.

The approach wedge is one of the most common subjects that you will come across as you are learning your way around the golf course. Many are the players who have been able to realize some major improvement in their games when they paid attention to the simple tips that govern this game.


As you plan for the approach wedge, you need to ensure that you primarily focus on accuracy, and then all the other qualities of the shot will come in automatically. A lot of people assume that accuracy can be achieved overnight. This is a fallacy and you need to realize that it will only take you so much practice before you are able to realize this come true.

Mental state

What is your current mental state as you prepare for this shot? You need to be composed. It does not matter whether some of the shots that you had earlier during the day were as erratic as you have ever come across in your life.

What you must realize is that this is a whole new experience, and as you go for this game, make sure that you emphasize on staying calm and collected. There is no better way for you to get a clean shot than to have a clean state of mind.

Go for realistic targets

When you are attempting this shot, do not try and be overzealous in your approach. This sense of overconfidence is one of the main reasons why players end up struggling with their shots. Go for something that you can achieve. Go for a shot that you are truly confident you will make.

Your confidence should also be evident in the manner through which you intend to execute the shots, so try and make sure that you are keen on your game and your pre-shot routine.