What Are The Common Green Fees For Golf Courses In The Lagos Area Of Algarve?

Algarve is one of the most popular destinations for golfers and there are so many reasons for that. Firstly, world-class players usually design the courses and they are just spectacular. The playability of these courses is versatile as well, which means golfers at different levels can play them! Not many golf courses in the world can offer you that and it is certainly a unique experience.

However if you are trying to meet your budget when you are planning for your trip to Portugal or just the Lagos area in Algarve, then here is a rough guide for you.

Seasonal prices

Golf is really a seasonal game; nobody really enjoys playing the game in the winter because it’s just way too cold to be standing out doors for four hours! That’s precisely why the green fee rates tend to be considerably cheaper in the winter. For the average course, you should be expecting to pay roughly €30-€50 per round of 18 holes. That’s a rather decent price considering the quality of course and the location of it.

In the summer, the price would go quite high though. You should be expecting a minimum of €80 per round of golf. However, you might be able to strike a deal with some agents. Bear in mind that the traffic in the summer will be a lot heavier as well, so there will be more people at the golf club. If you don’t like to wait around on the course, it might be better for you to go in the winter!

The ‘better’ courses

There will be a significant difference between your average course and the famous courses. For the best ones, you could even be paying €200 a round! It might be a bit expensive, however, the experience of playing on these courses will be amazing as well. You get a taste of how tournament players play these courses and you can even replicate the shots they’ve hit!

The related services offered by these courses are a lot better as well. You can expect to be fully satisfied by what you are given. Apart from that, you can even relax in the clubhouse and have a drink. So in hindsight, it really isn’t that bad for €200!