How Not To Spend More Than You Have To On Golf Breaks In Lagos

A golf trip in Lagos can cost a lot of money, but there are ways to cut down on these costs without compromising on the quality of your holiday. The following five tips relate to the fore-booking of your holiday to save you money, the savings you can make by taking more people with you, and where to book your accommodation for even more savings. There are also ways to bypass the expenses of a booking agent and get things done yourself.

  1. Plan way ahead of time
  2. In all things holiday-related, booking everything way in advance makes a huge difference to how much you pay. Planning ahead will save you money on your flight costs, transport fees, golf course fees and accommodation fees. If you book any of these last minute, chances are you will pay a lot more than you need to.

  3. Take companions with you
  4. Taking as many people as possible along with you will not only result in more enjoyment, but also save you on the travel and staying costs of your holiday. These may be family members who enjoy golf, or simply golf buddies from your club who want to share in the Lagos golf experience.

  5. Save on pricey resort fees
  6. Don’t feel as if you have to stay at a golf resort when on a golfing holiday in Lagos. There are lots of quaint little bed & breakfast facilities that can home you for the duration of your stay. These are often charming and add to the overall experience of your trip. Many of these are also self-catering facilities, so you save a lot by shopping for your own groceries and having a barbeque in the evenings.

  7. Bring the basics
  8. Items such as cleaning cloths, coffee, sugar, and special cookware can be packed and brought over to make your stay as comfortable as possible. These items are necessary for self-catering facilities so don’t waste your money buying them when you arrive. Bring your own—they don’t take up that much space.

  9. Skip the booking agent
  10. Make your own accommodation and travel arrangements. You will save a lot by doing so and also have a wider variety of choice. The people you deal with over the phone are often very helpful and may even give you a discount if you ask for one.