Beginning golf level: what you should know

When playing golf as a beginner it can be overwhelming. There are a few basic elements to review to help you get into game. Many beginners do not realize how much participation is required of their bodies. Meaning, different parts of your body from head to toe help you hit the ball. It helps to have a few elements to focus on that will improve your play experience and reduce the risk of injury. Overtime, these elements can be improved to help you find your place in golf.

Understand Significance of a Good Grip

Gripping your iron properly is a must. Many beginners have a tendency to grip their club like a baseball bat when this is incorrect. Proper gripping will take time to perfect and it may feel strange in the beginning. The more you practice your grip the sooner it will become more natural to you. These elements are important to help you get good results when you swing and strike the ball.

Review Essentials for Good Posture and Playing Approach

Proper posture is important. You need to understand how to hold your iron and be able to pay attention to your body stance. Your approach is when you feel comfortable in the presence of the ball. This refers to your stance along with your posture. Your body should be relaxed with your upper body slightly hovering over the ball. Your arms should be straight out in front with knees bent slightly. Your feet should be aligned with your shoulders as they are spread apart.

What is in a Golf Swing?

Proper swing techniques are important. How you hit the ball and follow through are important aspects to practice. You need to understand how your iron is positioned when you follow through. You need to understand how much power to put into your swing and how you can control the ball with your movement. Pay attention to your body as you swing. Your hips should rotate as one smooth motion as you follow through into your backswing after striking the ball.

Should You Take Golf Lessons?

If you are not sure how to approach the game of golf or you want help improving aspects such as posture, swing and stance, you may find it helpful to complete lessons. You can do individual lessons or complete them in a group. You can work with a qualified expert that will help you understand the basics.