3 basic golf shots you should know

Playing golf is more than just hitting a golf ball across the lawn. There are 3 basic shots that once mastered, can help you play the sport using a little imagination. The three shots – bunker, pitches, and chips—can each be played differently with lots of practice. Experts feel that once you have these basic shots under your belt, you can keep your golf scores lower.

Bunker Shots

Many golfers are intimidated when they see sand dunes and uneven ground. Yet, these shots only add to the imagination. Understanding the right technique can help you get the ball closer to the hole. Few golfers like to position the ball toward the inside of their shoe heel. You may need to look at how the ball is placed on the pin and then determine how to hit where it pops into air and onto the green.

Pitch Shots

A few championship golfers have used this shot to help them win their tournaments. It helps to have more weight on your front foot and from the middle of your stance play the ball. You are trying to drive the ball in the air enough to carry you to the green from a bunker. Some suggest refraining from flipping your wrists when trying to get the ball airborne.

Chip Shots

Many golfers may get confused on when to use this shot. Others may use this shot when they should use the pitch shot. The idea is to use a chip shot on open green when there is nothing ahead of you to reduce error risk. Some see this as like a putt, but you would use the club to get the ball on the green with enough loft. Accelerate when you hit the ball instead of deceleration to get a better shot. Use a short backswing to hit the ball and use open stance.

Golf Like a Pro Literally

If you’re not a championship golfer, it doesn’t mean you can imagine yourself as being one. Even if you don’t really want to be a championship golfer, it does help to be creative when on the course. Some champion golfers have admitted to using their imagination while on the course to help them drive better shots. At the same time, this allows you to play around with different shots on the green to find your best swing.