4 Practical Solutions To The Most Common Swing Problems

Whether you’re chipping, driving or putting; there are certain flaws that plague most of us amateurs. If you struggle with your swing, then it’s probable that one of the following mistakes belongs to you. Here is a quick description of each one and a way to fix them respectively.

The shoulder test

After you’ve made a drive, there’s a good test to see if you’ve executed a proper swing. Check your shoulders after the follow through. Is your right shoulder higher than the left? If it is, you have not performed a correct swing. The right shoulder should always end lower than the left after a follow through—so adjust your swing to make sure it does.

Swinging during a chip shot

Chipping is another one that many golfers struggle with. When chipping, the best way to swing correctly every time is to keep your right arm completely straight. So many golfers bend and balance both their arms while crouching over the ball like a hunchback. The correct way to address the golf ball when chipping is to hold the right arm straight and stiff and let the left arm and shoulders do the bending.

A common leg mistake

A frustrating mistake we have all made at some point is straightening our knees during a swing. This is in an effort to scoop the ball which is totally unnecessary. Keep your legs straight! It sometimes takes a bit of concentration but make a conscious decision not to push your body (and subsequently your swing) upwards.

Rotate around your body’s axis

Another technique you should take note of is how your body moves during the swing. Your torso should not sway from left to right. Instead, the entire torso should turn around the centre of your body. Imagine an axis in the centre of your body and try to twist your swing around that axis. You’ll soon see and feel that this is the correct technique for a swing—especially an iron play swing.

It’s possible that these swing faults don’t cover what you’re struggling with, but they are the most common. Check to see if you are doing any of them and use the guidelines above to fix up your technique. Also ask a golf buddy to watch you as you swing and tell you what you can improve on.